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Our Laminates Products

New Mika, a name that is synonymous with stylish living, offers an extensive range of decorative laminates for homes, offices and other spaces. As one of the leading brands in the industry, our diverse selection of high pressure, digital and eco-friendly laminates embody the spirit of awe-inspiring interiors.


Deriving laminate ideas from nature, New Mika laminates are available in beautiful prime colors, royal wooden patterns and abstract art textures as well. Even more importantly, our laminates are environmental friendly, and can be used as door laminates, for laminating countertops, floors, ceiling and even cabinets. The revolutionary GLE Technology in our laminates make them highly fade resistant, durable and reliable, apart from being resistant to fire, surface wear, high pressure heat, cracking, scratching, staining and even burns.




Our constant drive and dedication to improve our product range help us create world class, supreme quality laminates with beautiful designs and features that are in harmony with the ever changing trends, giving us a distinct edge over our competitors.

Time to reinvigorate your interiors with New Mika laminates!

Decorative laminate sheets
Kitchen laminates


Living Room laminates
Study Room Laminates

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